About Rania Olayan

A motivated and optimistic Angeleno, Rania Olayan is a dedicated professional who possesses great passion for the real estate industry. She is captivated by cultures and architecture, which allows her to stand out in her field even more. Following graduation from the University of Southern California with two degrees in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Rania established herself first, as an entrepreneur, founding and running many successful businesses. She then developed into a reputable business consultant, creating turnkey projects, which further goes to show the diversity of her skillsets. Then again, her fascination has always been in the field of real estate.

She discovered that her passion for real estate contained the potential to develop into a strong business investment, which led her to becoming a real estate investor. Buying, remodeling, and selling numerous homes allowed Rania to use all her passions and earn success. The work piqued her desire to move from just a business role into the real estate industry, something she has now devoted herself to with wholeheartedness.

Rania’s unique experiences have helped her gain a firm understanding of the complexities and stress associated with buying or selling a property. She is therefore eager to utilize her strong global business and marketing background, coupled with her passion for real estate and her meticulous attention to detail, to help to make the process easier for those she serves. With a friendly and hard-working persona, Rania is excited at the opportunity to develop relationships with her clients and ensure that they will have smooth, efficient, and pleasing real estate experience with the best results.

Aside from her extensive business background, Rania is fluent in many languages, and an advocate for women’s rights and an animal lover.  When she is not working, Rania enjoys engaging in her hobbies which include photography, playing tennis, swimming and spending time with her two dogs, Dino and Roko.

(*) Member Beverly Hills/ Greater Los Angeles Association of Realtors

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